Beyond BN's Cascade Green & Black

Brian Ambrose photo

Very few railroads seem to spent as much time and resources "tweaking" their identity as did the Burlington Northern. A trackside visit to the Minneapolis-based railroad's high iron could produce a variety of colorful locomotive consists, during the latter part of the 1980s -- much to the delight of photographers.

Initially, this particular profile was aimed at rendering a brief look at the two-types of BN tiger stripes, but subsequently evolved to also include "white face" and proto-type schemes.

Image: Only ten days into the new year, BN GP50 3110 leads a general merchandizer thru Argos, Washington in 1987. (Brian Ambrose photo)


Pre-Merger Scheme

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U23C 5208

Kevin Cavanaugh photo

SD45 523

R. Craig photo

GP40 629

William Eley photo (Chuck Zeiler collection)

White Faces & Pin Stripes

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GP28P 1595

Steve Borleske photo

GP20C 2001

R. Craig photo

GP30 2830

Ron Thur photo

GP40E 3551

R. Craig photo

U30C 5047

Jim Matuska photo

B30-7 5492

Erik Edmonds photo

SD40-2 7123

Ron Thur photo

SD40-2B 7502

R. Craig photo

SD60M 9211

Bill Edgar photo

Tiger Stripes

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GP50 3110

Brian Ambrose photo

GP50 3156

S.L. Dixon

GP50 3159

Chuck Zeiler

SD40-2 8002

Eric Burnham photo

SD60 8300

John Rus photo

SD60 8302

Chuck Schwesinger photo

Grinstein Green plus Prototypes

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BN #1 & 2 F-units

R. Craig photo

SD70MAC 9670

Robby Gragg photo

BN #3 E-unit

R. Craig photo

SD70MAC 9647

Ron Thur photo

SD60MAC 9500

Paul DeLuca photo

SD40-2 LNG 7149

Brian Ziegler photo


Format by: R.Craig New: 31 August 2017
Reference sources: Burlington Northern and Its Heritageby Steve Glischinski, and Burlington Northern 1971 Annual by Hol F. Wagner

The "Rail Pictures.Net" and "" website were especially helpful here in identifying potential photographers and related images.We extend our thanks to these valuable resources. Thanks also to Michael Richmond who was very helpful in identifying and gaining permission to use many of the above photos.

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