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Formatted by: R. Craig

Photo by: Craig Walker
Revised: 15 Oct. 2016
Locomotive Type Bldr & Year Group Responsbile for Returning Loco to the Rails For More Info -- Contact Completion Date
ATSF 59 PA-1 Alco 1946 Museum of American Railroads Website: TBD
ATSF 2926 4-8-4 Baldwin 1944 New Mexico Steam Locomotive & Railroad Historical Society Email: TBA
Maine Central 470 4-6-2 "Pacific" Alco 1924 New England Steam Corporation Email: TBD
Pennsylvania 5550 4-4+4-4 T-1 **** PRR T-1 Steam Trust Website: TBD
Pennsylvania 4666 Gas-electric "doodlebug" Brill 6/1930 Allentown & Auburn RR (?) xxxxxx TBD
Union Pacific 4014 4-8-8-4 "Big Boy" Alco 12/41 Union Pacific RR Website: TBD

Several vintage locomotive restoration / rebuilding programs are currently underway; this webpage attempts to identify those important diesel and steam engine projects. If you are aware of another significant restoration project, please let us know.

Thanks to the following contributor(s): Richard Glueck and John Hill.

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