Chicago Burlington & Quincy #9939A @ St. Louis, MO on 19 August 2016
BN 9984 photo here
For more than four decades, Chicago Burlington & Quincy E8A #9939A patrolled the "triple-threat" main and rushed commuters between Union Station in downtown and the western suburbs. Driven by two V16-567s prime movers, the locomotive left the EMD assembly hall in January 1950. The BN merger in March 1970 meant a change in dress and slightly revised road number- 9939. The weary E-unit was rebuilt to an E9AM in 1973 thanks to new owner West Suburban Mass Transit District; there was also more new paint and another change in road number to 9902. After being retired, in 1992, it was acquired the following year by the Maryland Area Rail Corp as #64. Eventually donated to the Museum of Transportation in St. Louis, the long-time commuter hauler was cosmetically restored to its as-built appearance. (Robby Gragg photo)

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