Baldwin DRS 64-660
Chemin de Fer Touristique du Rhin 62029

at Wassy, France in 2009

CTFR 62029 is a rare export model built by Baldwin Locomotive Works for the national railway systems in France and Morroco. Completed in April 1946, the 62029 is one of a hundred standard gauge DRS 64-660s intended to help restore France's war-torn railroad network.

62029 (acquired from SNCF in 1984) at the C.F. Touristique du Rhin (CFTR) in Vogelsheim (Alsace) is operational and the engine is started at least once a month to keep it fit. When this coincides with an operating day for the tourist railway it is used to shunt the passenger train from the shed/workshops area to the station (and back in the evening), from where a steam locomotive takes over the train for the 11 km long journey over trackage owned by the local river port authority and used by freight trains on weekdays. At the end of the line, passengers have the option of taking a river boat cruise before returning on the train. The locomotive has been repainted since the above photo was taken. engine has been repainted.

Sebastien Kieffer photo

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