Lenawee County Railroad


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New: 28 April 2006 Photograph by : xxxxxxx
AAR Mark: LCRC Roster compiled by : John Komanesky
Road No. Bldr/Model Bldr No. Bldr Date Named Notes
1 Alco S-2 76178 10/48 Addison B. Comstock Ex-B&O 9058, nee-514(acq. via G. R. Silcott); Scrapped, 1/6/92
2 Alco S-2 69550 8/41 George Crane Ex-Union RR 508(acq. via G. R. Silcott); Scrapped, 1/6/92
3 Alco RS-1 72815 7/44 Howard D. White Ex-Washington Terminal 43; Scrapped, 1/6/92
Ceased operations: Sept. 30, 1990

Source of information: Extra 2200 South, American Shortline Railway Guide

Additional information/updates provided by: xxxx

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