N&W: Wabash Was Gone, But "Pevler" Blue Survived

Owen Leander photo at Chicago's Dearborn Station on 12 November 1966 (R. Craig collection)

Norfolk & Western president Stuart T. Saunders (1958-1964) was once asked why N&W's diesels were black; his short response was, "They are the same color as our bottom line - black!" When he left to become president of the Pennsylvania Railroad, he was succeeded by Herman Pevler, who had been president of the Wabash. The N&W merger flourished with finances solidly in the black. As for the diesels, it was probably no coincidence that the new corporate livery became Wabash blue. Upon Pevler's retirement in 1975, black diesels returned as the color of choice.

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Alco T6 #28

Jim Gavin photo

Alco RS3 #2540

R. Craig photo

Alco RS11 #2861

R. Craig photo

Alco RSD12 #252

Rick Morgan photo

Alco C628 #1112

John Stubblefield photo

Alco C630 #1138

Frank Christoph photo

Baldwin AS16/GP9m #2321

R. Craig photo

Baldwin AS16/RS11m #7901

R. Craig photo

EMD F7A #3662

R. Craig photo

EMD E8A #3808

R. Craig photo

EMD GP9 #2479

Chuck Zeiler photo

EMD GP18 #2707

R. Craig photo

EMD GP30 #2900

Mike Woodruff photo

EMD GP40 #1329

Marty Bernard photo

EMD NW2 #3351

John Stubblefield photo

EMD SW8 #2114

Robert Farkas photo

EMD SD9 #2349

Jim Jeffery photo

EMD SD45 #1745

Kim Piersol photo

Fairbanks H24-66 #3593

R. Craig photo

Fairbanks H16-44 #93

Paul Hunnell photo

GE U30B #1942

R. Craig photo

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Michael Richmond was instrumental in identifying photos and securing permissions to use them.

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