Preserved Baldwin and Lima Locomotives

Updated: 19 September 2009 Photograph by: Greg Bunce
Roster Compiled by John Komanesky -
Builder Model Preserved As Original RR & No. Owner & Location
- - - - -
Baldwin-Westinghouse Box Cab Armco Steel B-70 Armco Steel B-70 Southeastern Railway Museum
Baldwin-Westinghouse Box Cab WEMCO #? Armco Steel B71 Gopher State RR Museum
Baldwin AS-416 C & G 601 Columbus & Greenville 601 On display
Baldwin AS-416 C & G 606 Columbus & Greenville 606 Illinois Rwy Museum
Baldwin AS-416 NS 1616 Norfolk Southern (original) 1616 North Carolina Transportation Museum
Baldwin AS-616 Oregon & Nwstn 1 Baldwin Demonstrator 1601 San Diego Rwy Museum, California
Baldwin AS-616 Oregon & Nwstn 3 & 4 Southern Pacific 5274 & 5253 Portola RR Museum, California
Baldwin DS44-660 Napa Valley 51 Morrisey Femie & Michel 1 Portola RR Museum, California
Baldwin DS44-660 Sloss-Sheffield Steel 30 Same Sloss Furnace Museum
Baldwin DS44-750 Reading 730 Warner Sand & Gravel 14 Reading Co. Technical & Historical Society
Baldwin DS44-750 TM 510 Texas Mexican 510 Gulf Coast RR Museum
Baldwin DS44-1000 ATSF 2260 Santa Fe CA State RR Museum, Sacremento
Baldwin DS44-1000 Canadian Pacific 7069 (Same) Privately owned (stored by CP internally at Toronto)
Baldwin DS44-1000 MKT 1006 (EMD re-engd Missouri Kansas Texas 1006 Iron Horse Historical Society
Baldwin DS44-1000 Oakland Terminal 101 OT 101 Pacific Locomotive Association
Baldwin DS44-1000 Rdg 702 Reading 702 Reading Co. Technical & Historical Society
Baldwin/CLC DRS44-1000 Canadian Pacific 8000 CP 8000 Western Canada Railway Association - Squamish B.C.
Baldwin DRS66-1500 Southern Pacific 5208 SP 5208 CA State RR Museum, Sacremento
Baldwin DRS66-1500 Magma RR 10 McCloud River 29 Arizona Rwy Museum
Baldwin DRS66-1500 Southern Pacific 5239 SP 5239 Museum of Transportation (St. Louis, MO)
Baldwin DT66-2000 MN & S 21 Minneapolis Northfield & Southern 21 Illinois Railway Museum
Baldwin RF 16 D&H 1205 and 1216 New York Central 3805 and 3816 Escanaba & Lake Superior (these units have not been seen for 2 decades)
Baldwin Lima Hamilton RS4TC Hocking Valley Scenic 4005 US Army 4005 Hocking Valley Scenic RR
Baldwin RS4TC Michigan Transportation Museum 4040 US Army 4040 Michigan Transportation Museum (Mt. Clemens)
Baldwin RS4TC Northwest Railway Museum 4012 and 4024 US Air Force 4012 and 4024 Nortwest Railway Museum
Baldwin RS4TC South Carolina RR Museum 1249 & 1276 US Air Force 1249 & 1276 South Carolina RR Museum
Baldwin RS4TC Transportation Corps 4035 (same) Texas transportation Museum, (San Antonio)
BLH RS12 California Western 56 McCloud 33 Travel Town Museum (Los Angeles)
Baldwin S8 Jefferson Warrior 37 US Pipe & Foundry 37 Heart of Dixie RR Museum (Calera, AL)
Baldwin S8 Medford Corp 8 Medford Corp. 8 Southern Oregon Chapter, NRHS
BLW S12 Baldwin Locomotive Works 1200 US Navy ? Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania
BLH S12 ** (see note at end) Amherst Industries 99 Potapsco & Back Rivers 335 Whitewater Valley Railroad **(see note at end)
BLH S12 (Last BLW built) Erie Mining 403 Erie Mining 403 Lake Superior RR Museum
BLH S12 Milwaukee Road 346 Patapsco & Back Rivers 346 Whitewater Valley Railroad
BLH S12 Nevada Northern 802 New York Central 9313 Nevada Northern Rwy Museum
BLH S12 Southern Pacific 1550 SP 1550 Orange Empire Rwy Museum
BLW S12 Southern Pacific 1498 Texas & New Orleans 121 Northwest Chapter, NRHS
Baldwin VO-660 Std Steel 6712 Standard Steel 6712 SMS Penn-Jersey Lines
Baldwin VO-660 WT103 Wyandotte Terminal 103 Illinois Railway Museum
Baldwin VO-1000 Baltimore & Ohio 412 US Navy 19 United RR Historical Society
Baldwin VO-1000 Canton RR 32 Canton RR 32 B&O Railroad Museum
Baldwin VO-1000 Nickel Plate 99 Crane Naval Depot 9 Indiana Transportation Museum
Baldwin VO-1000 Nevada Northern 801 ??? Nevada Northern Rwy Museum
Baldwin VO-1000 Tennessee Valley 27 US Navy Tennessee Valley Rwy Museum
Baldwin VO-1000 Tennessee Valley 36 US Air Force 7467 Tennessee Valley Rwy Museum
Baldwin VO-1000 WM 132 Western Maryland 132 Hagerstown Roundhouse Museum
BLH SH-2300-2 (Diesel Hydraulic) Atlantic Richfield 6920 ARCO 2 San Diego RR Museum
Lima LS-750 Whitewater Valley 20 Cincinnati Union Terminal 20 Whitewater Valley RR & Museum
Lima LS-750 Whitewater Valley 25 Cincinnati Union Terminal 25 Whitewater Valley RR & Museum
Lima LS-1000 Armco 709 Armco Steel 709 Whitewater Valley RR & Museum
Lima LS-1000 Armco Steel E-110 Armco Steel E-110 Illinois Rwy Museum
Lima LS1200 B&O 320 Baltimore & Ohio 320 Whitewater Valley RR & Museum

** Note:
This unit was originally built as #1 (DS4-4-1000 74640  2/53) Plant switcher; it was
rebuilt as a S12 and then Sold to Patapsco & Back Rivers 335. This engine was also once
known as DF100 at Baldwin and was originally used as a test bed for the Dual Fuel 
606 engine.  When the tests were completed it became #1.
It was sold to PBR and transferred to Bethlem Mines in West Va in about 1975 (?).  It 
was retired from the mines and sold to Amherst Industries where it was in service
until the late 1990's.  Amherst donated this unit to the Whitewater Valley Railroad and
it has been partially prepared for movement to Connersville early next year.  (Information 
from David Farlow, WVRR)

Concept idea and much of the data for "Preserved Diesels" roster provided by John Komanesky. 
Updated information provided by:  Wayne Merlo.

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