"Letters Home"

Dear Sirs,

I live in Belgium and found on your internet site a picture which matches with one I have got in my family picture box. It is a photo of a Diesel train which had an accident here in Belgium at the end of World War II. It is, as far as I found out, a General Electric 45 Ton Drop Cab bearing the number USA 8505. Given the fact that you have a picture of this train number 8505 in your data and on your internet site, I thought that it might perhaps interest you to get it.

My grandfather worked for the Belgian Railways and was stationed in the town of Herbesthal near the German border; it was the last station before Germany. However the family picture does not assert that it has been taken with certitude in Herbesthal after or during WWII, but it was taken in Belgium by my grandfather. This train was used in Germany afterwards, too.

Best regards

Marc Klein

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