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50-ton Iowa Traction #51 at Mason City, Iowa on 16 July 1996. (C. Richard Neumiller photo / Bon French collection)

During September, the focus shifts from General Electric's steeple cab production to electric motors built by chief competitor Baldwin Locomotive Works. The long-time steam engine manufacturer was slow to enter the market, and it was not until 1899 that the company's Philadelphia (PA) plant built its first electric production model. In spite of the late start, BLW managed to build more than 200 standardized steeple cabs, ranging in size from 22 to 97 tons. The Depression of the 1930s brought an end to BLW 's electric motor production. Follow the BLW Steeple Cab Locomotives link to learn more. Btw, a new "Catenary" section has been added to the index below to house all electric locomotive content.

This month, there is also an overview of the Tennessee Valley Authority's diverse roster of first and second-generation diesel-electric locomotives; the TVA profile can be found in the "Remember When" section. It is a part of an on-going look at U.S. Government / Military-owned locomotives. The government-centered focus will conclude in October with an overview of Department of Energy and DOT Test Facility motive power.

Contributor Tom Berry is in the process of developing several highly detailed rosters of pre-1980 railroads. The first to appear this month is a comprehensive Erie-Lackawanna roster, which includes class information, serial numbers, original owner road numbers, and extensive notes. Future Berry rosters include New York Central (October) and Pennsylvania (November).

Lastly, the few industrial rosters than currently reside on the website have been assembled in to a single location under a new "Industrial" heading.

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