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#120 outside International Nickel locomotive Shop (Joe Brockmeyer photo)

When the The Diesel Shop website was created back in November of 1994, several names were considered, but only a few for more than ten seconds. "The Roundhouse" and "Locomotive Shop", were the other two finalists. The name roundhouse seemed to hearken back to the age steam and be too far removed from modern motive power. While Locomotive Shop as a title offered greater latitude in coverage of diesel and an occasional steam or electric subjects, I knew very little about steam engines, and even less about electric motors. Fast forwarding to January of this year, a number of requests were received to profile steeple cab and other type of electric freight motors. The requests provided both an opportunity and a challenge, to learn and write about another important facet of rail-fanning. The first of three (or perhaps four) periodic monthly profiles starts here.

Your help is solicited in developing further an ownership tracking list of General Electric 45/50-ton center-cabs. The document was started four-years ago, but it is still a long way from being a comprehensive. The work-in-progress document can be viewed here. To those of you, who have already responded --Thank you!

Stay safe when trackside!

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