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Pacific Electric #1624 at the Orange Empire Traction Museum in Perris, California. (Bob Davis photo)

Pacific Electric, the Southern California railway which helped build Greater Los Angeles, is the primary focus during October, as the series on the electric locomotive continues. Between 1911 and the the end of World War II, the big red railway was a important part of the region's social fabric. Additionally in terms of electric-powered transportation, the rail line had it all, including several home-made models. To learn more, use this link to the Pacific Electric.

Late in 1963, Russia inked a deal to purchase one-half billion dollars of wheat from Canada. It was good news for the country's two major railroads. Already power short, the Canadian Pacific elected to lease locomotives from several U.S. railroads. Although it was meant to be a temporary fix, the practice turned in to a decade-long motive power strategy that later reached into the 1980s. To learn more, click on Canadian Wheat

In an effort to deliver more comprehensive and timely roster information, a strategy of fan- based rosters is being implemented when possible. The impetus for this gradual shift is driven partially by the work Tom Berry has spent generating his New York Central roster, along with a NYC Locomotive Census. Additionally, John Holman recently developed an Indiana Northeastern roster; the Holman format incorporates frame numbers, order numbers and painting information, along with conventional locomotive data.

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