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Canadian National H16-44 #2212 stands ready to power an eastbound freight to Toronto.

The final installment of the photo essay on EMD's first generation six-motor freight haulers appears this month. Comprised mostly of short line and what might be termed light-industrial users, the number of SD9s still generating revenues for their owners is appreciable. Our thanks goes to the many photographers who were willing to share their images with us. Here is the link to the final photo essay. Of course, any discussion of the SD9 would be incomplete without some mention of the six-axle freighter's four production phases. It should be noted that links to Part 1 (SD7s) and Part 2 (SD9s) are still available for viewing.

Hey first-generation loco fans, three Fairbanks-Morse brochures were added to the Sales Literature Archive last month. Our thanks goes to Ralph Back who graciously shared these unique reference documents with us. See what builder Fairbanks-Morse had to say about their new models when introduced in 1953.

Lastly, a series of state-based short line roster listings are being developed for the year 2023. Rosters by state of have already been completed for: Alabama, Alaska and Arizona, as well as Califormia, Colorado and Connecticut. Work progresses on the Delaware, Florida and Georgia lists. These new state-based lists are intended as aids during a trip planning process; and they are supplements to the conventional alphabetical lists. Additions / corrections are welcomed.

Please remember to be safe when trackside!

Profiled Next Month:
  • CAT-Powered Rebuilds
  • Alco's RS32/DL721
Please remember to stay safe when trackside!

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    Amtrak's Minneapolis-Duluth train #760 - The Arrowhead - northbound at Cedar, MN on May 10, 1977 with steam generator-equipped #129, one of two DM&IR SD9s so equipped. Power short Amtrak leased the two units for Arrowhead service during the early months of 1977. (Ralph Back photo)

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