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Milwaukee Road Bu-polar #E3 near Butte, Montana.

(M.L.Powell photo / Krambles-Peterson Archives)

It is time to once again revisit the past. Our guide this month through word and photographs is Art Peterson who has assembled from the Krambles-Peterson Archives an excellent mix of images of Chicago's long-lost Dearborn Station and name trains from the 1950s, 60s and 70s. This link will take you trackside at Dearborn Station .

From there, we'll travel to the Pacific Northwest with a focus on main-line electrification. While many of the digital photos come from the Krambles-Peterson Archives, images from other photographers help tell the story. Here is the link to the Pacific Northwest Main-Line .

In addition, this month's TDS includes state-based rosters for the letters "U" and "V", and it includes short line and regional railroads based in Urah, Vermont and Virginia.

Lastly, please remember to be safe when trackside!

Future Profiles:
  • LaSalle Street Station in Chicago
  • Ramblin Box Cabs

Ready Track: New Listings / Major Updates

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Extra Board
GE 45/50-Ton

The profile of the General Electric 45/50-Ton industrial switcher has beeen updated and expanded. Use this link for more on the GE 45/50-Ton profile

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