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A 125-ton industrial switcher works a Georgia Power Company generating plant in Atlanta on 4 October 1970. (Bill Folsom photo / R. Craig collection)

A major rework of the website's INDUSTRIAL roster section gets underway this month. The changes are intended to ease navigation and substantially expand overall coverage of private and non-common carriers. The first component to appear is a group of twenty power company rosters, several of which are brand new listings. They can be viewed by using the ENERGY & UTILITY link. (Note: Some of those rosters still require a photo.)

A second industrial group has also been added; it can be reached by clicking the GENERAL MANUFACTURING link. Additionally, a list of industrial sector rosters to be completed in the upcoming months has been included.

Speaking of electric utilities, a couple months back when work began on developing the above series of 16 electric and utility company rosters, one of them that caught our attention was the St. Louis & Belleville Electric Railway. This short 18-mile rail line was noteworthy because of the role it had in the rise of industrial giant Peabody Coal Company. Use this link to read more part about The Peabody Connection.

By the way, the CSX Tribute Fleet photo gallery was recently expanded with the addition of CSX #1852 which sports the "circus" colors of the Western Maryland.

Future Profiles:
  • 20+ Industrial Mining Company rosters
  • Early Dynamometer Cars

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A pair of EMD Cab units have been added to the SMS roster in New Jersey. Ex-RDG FP7 #903 has been purchased by the short line operator; it has also leased long-time running mate F7A #902. (Tim Darnell)

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