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Canadian Pacific Hydrogen-Fuel Cell Locomotive #1001 at Mile 25, Red Deer Sub-division on 19 October 2022. (Aivo Merimets photo)

In a rather extra-ordinary change in purchasing strategy during the mid-1980s, Canadian railroads turned a collective back on the conventional six-axle road-switcher design in favor of locomotives with a full-length cowl-type carbody. First of the genre were HR616s introduced in February 1982; they were built by Bombardier at the old Montreal Locomotive Works plant on the city's east side. The change in buying practice which lasted into 1994 saw General Motors, General Electric, and Bombardier produce more than 230 cowl units for Canadian railroads: CN (178), CP (25), BCOL (26) and QNSL (3). Some thoughts about the rare units by crew and shop personnel can be viewed at Drapers.

As a follow-up to last month's profile on Caterpillar engine replacements, Ralph Back's summary of Burlington Northern's GP20C roster is presented here. Driven by a Caterpillar engine, the ten 2000-hp units were re-powered and upgraded by Generation II of Babbitt, Minnesota during a 19-month period beginning in September 1988. On average, the rebuilt Generation IIs served the class 1 for slightly more than three and a half years prior to being sold. The summary can be viewed here.

The General Electric 44-Tonner roster has been updated and reformatted for faster navigation, and a number of on-going restorations have been added to the list. Conversely, a couple of old favorites have fallen by the wayside due to lack of funding to maintain. Your in-put is solicited to help keep the GE 44-ton critters list current and a handy reference.

Work progresses on state-based rosters beginning with the lettter"M"; so far short lines and regional railroads based in Maine, Maryland and Massachusetts have been uploaded.

Lastly, please remember to be safe when trackside!

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Please remember to stay safe when trackside!

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