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Dubbed the "million dollar meat train," New York Central's NY-4 exits the Detroit River Tunnel in July 1965. (R. Craig photo)

Last November, a series was initiated that profiled several historic train stations in the Midwest that had been demolished during the latter part of the Twentieth Century. For decades, those marvelous architectural structures had played a key role in the development and growth of their respective city; they had been centers of social and economic activity. However, their decline was proportional to the rise in automobile and airline travel. That series continues this month as the focus shifts to the Pacific Northwest. It begins in Spokane, Washington which once had three active passenger terminals -- none survive.

Speaking of the midwest, this month the Detroit River Tunnel is profiled. Opened in 1906, DRT is one of only two sub-aqueous structures in the world that provides both passenger and freight rail link between two countries. Although unlikely to appear on any "hotspot" list, the east and west portals of the DRT remain popular locations for photographing trains.

By the way, the CSX Tribute Fleet photo gallery has been expanded to include more than the typical 3/4-wedge shot. Photos are being added that better portray the full character and company logo of these beauties.

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A pair of EMD Cab units have been added to the SMS roster in New Jersey. Ex-RDG FP7 #903 has been purchased by the short line operator; it has also leased long-time running mate F7A #902. (Tim Darnell)

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