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Amtrak #301 wearing the "Day One" livery at the old Michigan Central shops in Jackson, Michigan on 28 October 2021.

Unless you have been off the planet for most of this year, you are already aware Amtrak has been celebrating its 50th anniversary during 2021. In concert with the event, the national passenger service has introduced several new liveries to commemorate the achievement, including a "Day One" scheme originally worn by E8A #4316. Thus, we'll take a look at those early Amtrak days through the camera lens of many different photographers. The series of photos can be viewed by clicking on Early Amtrak.

Btw, the monthly feature highlighting electric locomotives was not ready for this month, but it will return in December. However, a roster has been prepared of Surviving Electric locomotives.

Canadian Pacific railroad was chronically short of power through-out the latter part of the 1960s. Initially thought to be short-term tendency, the practice evolved into a long-range strategy used even today. For many railfans it provided many an opportunity to see an interesting assortment of foreign power on their favorite CPR rail line. To learn more, click on CPR Leasing Tendencies.

Reminder -- The push to deliver more comprehensive and timely roster information remains an important objective, now and in the future. Your input is solicited. Recent examples of this effort include the work Tom Berry has spent generating his New York Central roster, along with a NYC Locomotive Census. Additionally, John Holman recently developed an Indiana Northeastern roster; the Holman format incorporates frame numbers, order numbers and painting information, along with conventional locomotive data.

Please remember to stay safe when trackside!

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