EMD Model 40
Buffalo Slag 36

at Lackawanna, New York (date unknown)

The EMD Model 40 was introduced in 1940, with only 11 of the locomotives built. The height of production came in 1942, when the U.S. Army and Navy acquired seven of the "pint-sized" switchers. The 40-ton EMD was driven by two 6-cylinder Detroit Diesel engines, which generated a total 300-horsepower to the rail. The two-axle locomotive featured a standard EMD cab placed squarely in the center of the carbody and had a 26'-1" span between coupler faces.

EMD serial number 1834 was of the seven 40s to see military service. It was built in April 1942 and originally wore USAX road number 1; a transfer to the U.S Transportation Corps brought a new number: 7403. The rare EMD center-cab was deemed surplus at the end of 1946 and sold to Buffalo Slag, as #3 (later renumbered 36). A long-time resident of the empire state, the unit went to work for Cushing Stone (of Amsterdam, New York) during the early months of 1964 as their #36, and later as #264. The present status of the locomotive is uncertain.

Tom Starr photo

Reference source: Extra 220 South (July, August & September 1975)

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