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All-Time Diesel Roster

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Revised: 8 January 2019 Freddy Frank photo at Pueblo RR Museum on 7 September 2008
AAR Mark: INRD Data by: R. Craig
Road No. Model Bldr & Date Bldr Nmbr Notes
101 GP7 EMD - 3/1951 13351 Ex-CF&I 101; the unit was repainted and renumbered 200 for the Bi-Centennial in 1975.  200 eventually was chop nosed, and repainted in phase 2 paint scheme, the one premiered by the GP38-2s.  She was sold to the Sidney & Lowe (NE) where she was still around, although inactive, in 2010.
102 GP7 EMD - 3/1951 13352 Ex-CF&I 102; loco was chop nosed, may have gotten phase 2 paint, but is definitely phase three paint.  She was donated to the Pueblo Railroad Museum, who re-created the Bi-Cent paint scheme on her.
103 GP7 EMD - 12/1951 15746 Unit lacks MU capability.  Chop nosed.  May have gotten phase 2 paint, but is definitely now in phase 3 paint.  Donated to PRRM.
104 GP7 EMD - 12/1951 15747 the 104 lacks Dynamic Brakes.   Chop nosed.  May have gotten phase 2 paint, but is definitely now in phase 3 paint.  Donated to PRRM.
201 - 209 SW8 EMD - 12/51 15737-15745 201-208 started in phase one paint and most if not all got phase 2 paint and now phase three. #203 and some others were sold.
210 - 212 SW8 EMD - 3/1952 15940-15942 -#210 was sold
214 SW900 EMD - 5/1957 23537 214 was sold to ASARCO in Amarillo, TX in the late 70s, maybe early 80s.
1104 S2 Alco - 3/1944 70196 Ex-Denver & Rio Grande Western 116; scrapped in the late 70s.
1105 S2 Alco - 9/1943 70183 Ex-Denver & Rio Grande Western 109; scrapped in the late 70s.
1106 VO1000 BLW - 7/1942 64413 Ex-US Army 7454; scrapped in the 70s. (See Note 1)
1107 - 1108 VO1000 BLW - 9/1943 69654-69655 1107-8 sold and spent time on the Great Plains RR (See Note 1)
1109 VO1000 BLW - 12/43 70116 Sold and spent time on the Great Plains RR (See Note 1)
2001-2002 GP38-2 EMD - 11/1973 73632-1 & 2 2001 and 2002 were sold to a leasing company, who leased them to the BN and later CORP, who had them as their 3818 and 3819 until about 2/2011.
Colorado & Wyoming was a subsidiary of Colorado Fuel & Iron until 1993 when sold to Oregon Steel Mills. Some units were lettered as CF&I.

Paint Scheme Notes:

  • Phase 1a paint is black, yellow end stripes, CF&I lettering.
  • Phase 1b paint is black, yellow end stripes, C&W lettering
  • Phase 1c paint is the Bi-Cent scheme.
  • Phase 2 is the Frisco style red and white shceme.
  • Phase 3 is a solid red scheme.

Note 1: The Great Plains purchased Nos. 1106, 1107 and 1109 from C&W in 1974. The 1108 had been scrapped prior to that time but Great Plains did get some parts from it, such as a pair of trucks. After the Great Plains shut down, the three were sold to the L.B. Foster Co. in 1975, along with all other assets. Foster resold them to Parker Brothers & Co., a Texas sand and gravel company. The 1107 was used on Parker's Western Rail Road at New Braunfels, Texas, and is now at the Museum of the American Railroad in Dallas. The fate of the 1106 and 1109 is unknown, but they are presumed scrapped. The 1109 had developed mechanical problems before leaving, as I recall. In fact, all had mechanical issues, and they leased a couple of UP GP9s for awhile, but they got the 1107 running again in time for the finale in April 1975. Great Plains did not repaint them, instead applying a long piece of white adhesive-backed paper with "Great Plains Railway" in red on the side of the hood. (Michael Bartels)

Thanks goes to Robert R. Harmen, DDS for a major roster expansion and update.

Source: X2200 South Locomotive Newsletter and American Shortline Guide by Edward A. Lewis


Original upload: 24 December 2012

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