Alco PA-4 (Remanufactured by Morrison-Knudsen)

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Data Sheet Information Compiled by: JEAN-DENIS BACHAND
New: 12 March 2005 Drawing by: Jacques Belanger
Engine Builder: American Locomotive Co. Engine: 4-cycle Model 251F V12
Bore & Stroke 9" X 10.5"
RPM (maximum / minimum) 1025 / 400
Main Generator: GE 5GT566E5 Horsepower: 2400
Trucks: Trimount Configuration: A-1-A
Gear Ratio: 61:22 Speed: 102 mph
Weight: 212,000 lbs (approx.) Traction Motors: GE 752 (Four)
Traction Motor Blowers: Stuart Type and Number: Mechanical Driven - Two
Tractive Effort (starting) 53,000 lbs @ 25% Tractive Effort (continuous): 33,0600 Lbs. @ 11 mph
Multiple Unit Capability: Yes Dynamic Braking: Yes
Auxilary Generator: GE 5GY27A Alternator: --
Air Brake: Westinghouse Model: 26L
Compressor: Westinghouse Model: 3CDB
Boiler Type: Steam (Vapor-Clarkson) PSI: 275 (3000 lbs capacity)
Quantity Built: 4 Cab units Date: February 1975 to May 1975
- -
Exterior Dimensions Cab Unit
Total Length 65'-08"
Pilot to Pilot 63'-03"
Wheel Diameter 42"
Truck Wheel Base 15'-06"
Height to Top Engine Hood 15'-02"
Height to Top Cab Hood 14'-00"
Cab Width 10'-06"
Walkway Width None
Engine Hood Width 9'-10"
Center Bolster 34'-02"
Center Front Truck to Front Pilot 16'-00"
Center Rear Truck to Rear Pilot 13'-02"
Distance between Truck Centers 49'-08"
Minimum Turning Radius 21 degrees
- -
Fuel Oil: 1500 Gallons Lubricating Oil: 250 Gallons
Engine Cooling Water: 280 Gallons Sand Capacity: 29 Cubic Feet
Equipment & Options:
  • Fuel Oil Heater
  • Speed Recorder
  • Oscillating Headlight
Note: Two of the four units are still in existence and are being restored. One unit will go to the Smithonsian Institute and the other will be privately owned.
Reference Sources:
  • D&H Mechanical Data Book
  • The PA Book by William S. Young
  • PA4 Locomotive by Norman E. Anderson and G.G. MacDermot

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