MARC: Roll The Wagons

In 1974/1976, the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) began to provide financial support for commuter train service operated by the freight railroads (B&O / Conrail). The State's original role was to provide operating subsidies. But its involvement since then has increased to include system planning, ownership of rolling stock, and construction and expansion of stations, train storage and maintenance facilities.

The service was branded as MARC (Maryland Rail Commuter Service) in 1984, but the acronym is now understood to represent "Maryland Area Regional Commuter." Today Amtrak operates the MARC Penn Line service over the NEC between Perryville and Washington, DC, while Bombardier operates MARC service over CSX's Baltimore-Washington route (the Camden Line), and between Martinsburg, WV and Washington, DC (the Brunswick Line), with a branch to Frederick.

In the 1980s and 1990s, MDOT/MARC competed quite favorably with other commuter agencies in terms of sheer variety of motive power -- from RDCs to AEM7s to GP40s and rebuilt GP40s, and yes, even EMD "covered wagons." It should be noted that a few of the E-units were privately owned and leased to MARC

Image: MDOT / MARC F9P #7183 leads an "Autumn Glory Special" excursion on 29 September 1984 at Oakland, Maryland.

Text and photos from guest contributor, Ted Grumbine, unless noted otherwise.

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MARC E9A #60 (one of four leased units)

Don Kalkkman photo

MARC E9Am #69

R. Craig photo

MARC F9PH #7181

Ted Grumbine photo


Don Kalkman photo


Bill Johnson photo


R. Craig photo


photographer unknown

MARC F9PHs 83 & 85

Vic Stone photo

MARC Excursion w/CSX FP7 #116

Don Kalkman photo

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