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Railroad Road Number Builder Number Date Notes
Progress Rail 2006 -- -- PRLX demonstrators
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Engine Builder: Caterpillar Engine Model: C-18 Gen Set (two)
EPA Compliant: Tier 2 Engine Horsepower: 1490
Platform: ? Speed: Not Available
Traction Alternator: Marathon Traction Motors: GM - D77 (four)
Trucks: 4-Wheel Configuration: B-B
Weight: 270,000 lbs Tractive Effort (continuous): --
Dynamic Braking: Yes Air Brake: CCB26
Multiple Unit Capability: Yes Total Loco Length: 59'-02"
Fuel Oil: 2000 gallons Air Compressor: GAR30
Note: Ultra-visibility cab is standard

Reference Sources: Progress Rail Service PR15B Brochure. Additional info from: Sean Graham-White

Data New: Formatted on 18 September 2013

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