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Preserved / Survivors

Revised: 16 December 2018 Photograph by: David L. Miller
Roster Compiled by John Komanesky -
Model Preserved As Original RR & No. Owner & Location
Model 40 Buffalo Slag 264 US Army 7403 Lackawanna, New York
Model 40 SR&N 408 US Army 1 National Museum of Transportation, St. Louis
GMDH-1 General Motors Diesel Division 1001 GMD Demo 1001 GMDD built; Canada Museum of Science & Technology
GMDH-1 Amoco Canada Petroleum GMDD 800 (B/N A1811, b/d 9/1958) Kaybob, Alberta
GMDH-3 Southern Michigan RR #? GMD demo 275 GMDD built; Southern Michigan Rail Society
NC SR &N 408 Sabine River & Northern 408 National Museum of Transportation, St. Louis
NW1 Minneapolis & St. Louis D-538 M&StL D-538 National RR Museum, Green Bay, WI
NW2 ATSF 2404 Santa Fe 2404 CA State RR Museum, Sacremento
NW2 Burlington Northern 425 St. Louis-San Francisco 261 Great Plains Transportation Museum
NW2 CN 7944 Canadian National 7944 Alberta Railway Museum
NW2 C&O 5208 Chesapeake & Ohio 5208 Muskegeon RR Historical Society
NW2 CB&Q 524 Chicago Burlington & Quincy 9227 Midland Rwy Historical Society
NW2 Chicago & North Western 1003 Grand Trunk Wstern 7914 Boone & Scenic Valley
NW2 Great Northern #136 GN 5336 Mt Rainier Scenic RR
NW2 Lake Superior Terminal & Transportation 101 LST&T 101 Minnesota Transportation Museum
NW2 MA & PA 81 Maryland & Pennsylvania 81 Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania
NW2 Milw 1649 Milwaukee Road 1649 Monticello Railway Museum (Illinois)
NW2u MKT 1029 Missouri Kansas Texas 1029 Wichita Falls RR Museum
NW2 New Jersey Indiana & Illinois 2 Indiana Northern 100 Mad River & NKP Museum
NW2 NYS&W 116 New York Ontario & Western 116 Delaware & Ulster Rwy
NW2 Rdg 103 Reading 103 Reading Co. Technical & Historical Society
NW2 SP 1303 Southern Pacific 1905 Center for Transportation & Commerce (Galveston, TX)
NW2 Southern Pacific 1423 SP 1951 Pacific Locomotive Association
NW2 Toronto Hamilton & Buffalo 51 TH&B 51 Elgin County RR Museum
NW2 Union Pacific 1011 UP 1011 On display - Heber City, UT
NW2 Union Pacific DS-1000 UP DS-1000 (EMD demo 889) Nevada State Railroad Museum (Boulder City, NV)
NW2 Union Pacific DS-1011 UP DS-1011 Heber Valley Railroad (Still in service Heber City, UT)
NW2 WP 608 UP DS-1001 (UP's 2nd diesel) Western Pacific RR Museum in Portola
NW2 Wheeling & Lake Erie D3 WL&E D3 Virginia Museum of Transportation
*(NW3) A.E.Staley 179 Great Northern 179 * Now scrapped, built with Blomberg trucks and a steam generator; it was considered road power
NW3 GN 181 Great Northern 181 On display - Whitefish, MT. Built with Blomberg trucks and a steam generator; it was considered road power
NW5 Cargill 61 Fort Street Union Depot 2 Florida Gulf Coast RR Museum
NW5 GN 192 Great Northern 192 Lake Superior RR Museum
SC Dardenelle & Rusellville 14 Missouri Pacific 9001 Illinois Railway Museum
SC (Pre) DL & W 426 Delaware Lackawanna & Western 426 EMC-built; Genessee Valley Transportation
SC Empire Coke 570 New York Central 570 EMC built; Heart of Dixie Chapter, NRHS
Republic Steel 902 Canton RR 20 EMC built; Heart of Dixie Chapter, NRHS
SW Stewartstown RR 11 PB&NE 206 Railtours, Inc
SW1 Adirondack Scenic 705 Louisville & Nashville 14 EMC built; Adirondack Scenic RR
SW1 Anderson Windows 3110 Wabash 110 EMC built; Minnesota Transportation Museum
SW1 Arch of Kentucky Coal No# Inland Steel 73 EMC built; Museum ? (Lynch, KY)
SW1 Boston & Maine1109 B & M 1109 EMC built; Railroad Museum of New England
SW1 Buckeye Central Scenic 8599 Pennsylvania RR 5999 EMC built; Buckeye Central Scenic RR
SW1 Chicago Burlington & Quincy 9146 CB&Q 9146 Gopher State RR Museum
SW1 CSPM&O 55 Chicago St.Paul Minneapolis & Omaha 55 Hub City RR Museum (Oelwein, Iowa)
SW1 Commonwealth Edison 15 ??? EMC built; Illinois Railway Museum
SW1 Dardenelle & Russelville 15 Galveston Wharves 201 D&R 15 (active)
SW1 Dardenelle & Russelville 16 Chicago & Eastern Illinois 99 D&R 16 (active)
SW1 LTV 561 and 574 ??? Midwest Railway Preservation Society
SW1 Hardin Southern 863 Milwaukee Road 1622 **Hardin Southern RR**
SW1 Lehigh Valley 126 ACL 1901 Steamtown USA (owned by Anthracite Railroad Society)
SW1 Louisville & Nashville 13 L&N **?? Museum, Foley, AL**
SW1 Monon DS-50 Monon DS-50 (Monon's first diesel) Indiana Transportation Museum
SW1 Pensylvania 9408 PRR 9408 Railway Museum of Greater Cincinnati (Ohio)
SW1 PM 11 Pere Marquette 11 B&O RR Museum (Baltimore, MD)
SW1 SN 402 Sacremento Northern CA State RR Museum, Sacremento
SW1 Southern Pacific 1006 SP 1006 Orange Empire Museum (California)
SW1 Wilmington & Western 8408 Baltimore & Ohio 208 Wilmington & Western Railroad(Touist)
SW1 Wisconsin Central 1 New York Central 683 Camp 5 Museum (Laona, WI)
SW1 Wisconsin Great Northern 862 Milwaukee Road 1616 Wisconsin Great Northern
SW1 WP 501 EMC Demonstrator 906 Western Pacific RR Museum in Portola
SW1 Westvaco 4800 Illinois Central 9014 Tennessee Central Railway Museum
SW1 Wilmington & Western 114 Lehigh Valley 114 Wilmington & Western Railroad(Tourist)
SW7 CB&Q 9255 Chicago & Burlington & Quincy 9255 Illinois Railway Museum
SW7 Southern Rwy 8202 Sou Rwy 8202 Southeastern Railway Museum
SW8 Bershire Scenic Railway 9619 New York Central 9619 Berkshire Scenic Railway ( Lennox, MA)
SW8 Calera & Shelby 2019 and 2022 US Army 2019 & 2022 Heart of Dixie Railway Museum
SW8 Canadian National 8510 CN 8510 On display at Lindsay, Ont.
SW8 Delaware Lackawanna & Western 500 Wabash 132 Steamtown Museum (PA)
SW8 Pfizer 1 Rock Island 838 Danbury Railway Museum (Connecticut)
SW8 Southern Pacific 1123 SP 4618 Center for Transportation & Commerce (Galveston, TX)
SW8 Tennessee Central 52 US Army 2038 Tennessee Central Railway Museum
SW8 Pfizer 2 Wabash 130 Connecticut Eastern RR Museum
SW8 US Army 2002 USA 2002 Museum of Transportation (in St. Louis)
SW8 USA 2015 & 2028 U.S. Army 2015 & 2028 South Carolina RR Museum, Sacremento
SW9 Conemaugh & Black Lick 121 C&BL 121 Railroaders Memorial Museum (Altonna, PA)
SW9 Seabord Coast Line 167 Atlantic Coast Line 685 Gold Coast RR Museum
SW9 Erie 436 Erie RR 436 United RR Historical Museum
SW10 Union Pacific 96 UP 1821 UP Heritage Collection
SW900 Baltimore & Ohio 9408 B&O 633 B&O RR Museum (Baltimore, MD)
SW900 Cuyahooga Valley 8630 New York Central 8630 Midwest Railway Preservation Society
SW900m Coors Brewery 988 Rock Island 550 Colorado Railroad Museum
SW1200RS Canadian Pacific 1229 CP 1229 GMD built; Alberta Central Rwy Museum
SW1200RS Canadian Pacific 8120 CP 8120 GMD built; Lake of the Woods Railroaders Museum
SW1200 Northern Pacific 105 Lake Superior Terminal & Transportation 105 Minnesota Transportation Museum
TR2B Chicago & Northwestern 1103 Chicago Great Wstern 65-B Boone & Scenic Valley
TR6A Southern Pacific 1100 EMD demo Western Pacific Railroad Museum in Portola
** Unit is in revenue service.
Concept idea and much of the data for "Preserved Diesels" roster provided by 
John Komanesky. Additional information from Tom Delasco, Ron Goldfeder, Chuck Hayes, Kevin Heggi,
Eric D. Hopp, Craig Lacey, Tom Mack, Peter Nicholson, John Parson and Tim Darnell.

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