Alabama Southern

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New: 5 March 2020 Info Supplied by: Glen Wickell
Reporting Mark: ABS Photo by:
Road No. Model (Bldr) Bldr Nmbr Bldr Date Notes
1467 SW14 (EMD) 16419 5/52 Ex-IC 9477
CITX 3063 SD40-2 (EMD) 31268 1/66 Ex-GCFX SD40-23063 < nee C&NW 872
HLCX 6305 SD40-2 (EMD) 32968 3/67 Upgraded from a SD40
HLCX 6328 SD40-2 (EMD) 36907 12/70 Upgraded from a SD40

Alabama Southern is a subsidiary of WATCO and operates in Mississippi and Alabama.

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Original upload: 13 November 2019

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