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Nickel Plate PAs at LaSalle Street Station.

(Bert Misek photo / Krambles-Peterson Archives)

Last month, Art Peterson opened the Krambles-Peterson Photo Archives and presented two highly informative photo essays. The first focused on mainline electrification in the Pacific Northwest, while the second looked at Chicago's long-lost Dearborn Station. He returns this month with two more excellent profiles, including a few never before published photos.

First, he turns his attention to another of Chicago's lost landmarks - LaSalle Street Station, which was built at the beginning of the 20th Century; the piece includes action photos of many flagship trains. Next, in his Midwest Ramblin Man he recounts the travels of two electric motors that saw service on four different rail lines, during the 1930s, 40s and 50s.

In November, TDS concludes the 12-month series of state-based short line and regional roster listings. These state-focused summaries are intended to assist the touring railfan during the early stages of trip planning; they are supplements to the conventional alphabetical lists. The finalsegment ("W") includes railroads based in Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Additions / corrections are welcomed.

The Amtrak roster on the website has become to complex for easy navigation; hence a decision to break the roster into two parts: Roster data and Photo gallery

Lastly, please remember to be safe when trackside!

Future Profiles:
  • Illinois Central Station in Chicago
  • University Dyno Testing of Locomotives
  • Illinois Terminal Traction

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Art Peterson takes a close look (through photos and text) at the iconic Illinois Central Terminal in downtown Chicago.

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