Hollywood "Star" Power

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Revised: 23 Nov. 2013 Richard Thompson photo at Rayland, Ohio
Data compiled by: R. Craig Photo courtesy of RR Picturesarchive.Net
Type Title Starring Movie Role Production Date & Notes
Film Bad Day at Black Rock Two "Black Widow-painted" sets of Southern Pacific F-Units w/Pass. Trains: #6151 + B-unit and 6386 + B-unit As themselves 1955
Film Continental Divide Amtrak P30CH w/ Pass. Train As themselves 1981
Film Courage Under Fire GCSR (?) GP9 4303 As its self 1996
Film In The Heat Of The Night Gulf Mobile & Ohio E7A #103A w/ Pass. Train As Its selve 1967
Film My Friend Irma Goes West Santa Fe F-Units w/ Pass. Train As its self 1950 - Nice shots of Santa Fe Super Chief
Film Silver Streak CP Rail FP7 #4070 AM Road 4070 1976
Film Switchback SP SD39 #5319

SP SD39 #5325

ANDX #4027

ANDX #4028

1997; ANDX is Andresite Rock Co.; became DAIR 4027 & 4028
Film The Fugitive Ex-Norfolk Southern GP30 #536

Ex-CSX U18B #1901

Illinois Southern 536

Illinois Southern 1901

Film Tough Guys Southern Pacific 4-8-4 #4449 "Gold Coast Flyer" 1986 - There are several great shots of star and "leading lady, SP 4449
Film The Runaway Rio Grande GP30 #3011

Rio Grande GP35 #3032

Rio Grande GP40 #3081

Sierra Pacific 3011

Sierra Pacific 3032

Sierra Pacific 3081

Film Under Siege 2: Dark Territory Ex-Alaska RR GP7L #1804

Ex-Alaska RR GP7L #1810

Grand Continental 1804

Grand Continental 1810

Film Unstoppable CP Rail AC4400CW #9751

CP Rail AC4400CW #9758

CP RAil AC4400CW #9777

CP Rail AC4400CW #9782

Allegheny & West VA. RR 767

AWVR 767

AWVR 777

AWVR 777


#9751 and 9758 wore partial red and black paint scheme, while 9777 and 9782 wore CP red colors.

Film Unstoppable Wheeling & Lake Erie SD40-2 #6353

W&LE SD40-2 #6354

AWVR 1206 (3rd)

AWVR 1206 (2nd)


AWVR 1206 (1st) was used as a camera platform.

Film Unstoppable Wheeling & Lake Erie SD40-2 #6351

W&LE SD40-2 #6352

AWVR 5580 and 7346

AWVR 5634 and 7375


The movie picture industry has used trains and railroading as backdrops (if not in pictures, at least in sound) for ages. The intent here is to identify those diesel locomotives that helped advance a movie's plot, or whose on screen time lasted 60 seconds or more. For television commercials, the one-minute guideline does not apply.

Although there are hundreds of fine railroad videos on the market, they are exempt from this list.

Your help in the further development of this list is appreciated.



  • Film - Feature Film
  • Cmcl - Commercial
  • TV - Television Program

Sources: MyRailfan.Com (Tom Habak); RR Picture Arhives; and Ed Weisensel

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