Custom-Painted Locomotives

Alco Builder Photo: courtesey of American

Amtrak 606: Coca Cola ACS-64 photo by Tim Darnell

Railroads and industrial companies have frequently used the broad flanks of diesel-electric locomotives to deliver their special message, sell a service and promote good public sentiment. It's a practice that has gone on now for at least six decades. General Electric's More Power to America Special of 1950 is one such example. Pegged as "an electrical fair on wheels", the 10-car train criss-crossed the country and showcased more than 2000 electrical exhibits and ideas aimed at improving American's productivity, from jet airplane engines to powered hand tools to home appliances of the future.

A more recent example is Amtrak ACS-64 #606 that carries Coca-Cola's "Share in the Magic" message as it races up and down the Northeast Corridor.

The intent here is to illustrate the many different ways the sides of locomotives have been employed to help shape the public's conscientiousness and opinions since the beginning of the diesel era. This photo essay is divided into five separate sections:

  • Patriotic Pride
  • Honoring The Military
  • Railroad Heritage
  • Community Serrvice
  • Commercial Billboards

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Photo Exhibits

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National Pride

Craig Walker photo

Honoring The Military

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Railroad Heritage

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Community Service

Paul Rome photo

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Railroad Billboards

Paul Romel photo

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