Yesterday's Hot Spot

The location of this photo is Fostoria, Ohio at 5:33 on the morning of 9 July 1984. A temperature inversion layer has worked its way into north central Ohio, trapping haze and smog at the surface. You are looking east along the old Baltimore & Ohio main line; the outline of "F Tower" is faintly visible on the left at the base of the communication structures. Railroading has dramatically changed since this photo was taken nearly 35 years ago -- as has railfanning. And we intend to photographically revisit those noteworthy locations.

Each month during 2019, a different North American "Hot Spot" from the past will be the focus of a photo essay. If you are interested in helping illustrate those changing scenes, please let us know.

Uploaded: 1 February 2019



North American Hot Spots of the Past

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Vickers Crossing

(Southeast of Toledo, Ohio)

R. Craig photo

Ishpeming / Negaunee Corridor

(Michigan's Upper Peninsula)

Chuck Schwesinger photo




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