Minera Alumbrera

Diesel Locomotives

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Road No. Model (& Date) Frame Nmbr Notes
9301 GP40M-3 (2/67) EMD 32884 Nee DRGW 3073; (see notes)
9302 GP40M-3 (2/67) EMD 32885 Nee DRGW 3074; (see notes)
9303 GP40M-3 (2/67) EMD 32881 Nee DRGW 3070; (see notes)
9304 GP40M-3 (1/66) EMD 31001 Nee DRGW 3057; (see notes)
None GP40M-3 (1/66) EMD 30999 Nee DRGW 3055; used as parts source; (see notes)
The four GP40M-3s were bought (and are used) by Minera Alumbrera, a mining company that uses them to pull copper and gold ore trains.

The locos were sold to Omnitrax on 7/94, then to Helm Financial. Motive Power (Morrison-Knudsen) purchased them for Minera Alumbrera in 1997. The locos were partially rebuilt (at Juniata?) and dispatched to Argentina, where rebuilding was completed by the (now defunct) Morrison Knudsen Rail Argentina. They were retracked to 66", set to A1A configuration with Flexicoil bogies, and weight was reduced to about 120 t (metric = about 264000 lbs) by removing the dynamic brakes, fitting smaller fuel tanks, removing some ballast and the w.c.

The information for this roster was provided by Enrique Chaparro.

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