Revised: 6 June 2017 Sean Hoyden photo of Central of New Jersey 1071 leading NS train 65V at Mifflin, PA

Railroad Salutes to Past & Present

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-- Canadian Pacific Salutes

Canadian Pacific 3084

(Richard Marchi photo)


(xxxxxxx photo)

Vancouver Olympics

(Colin Arnot photo)

"Strathcona's Horse"

(Colin Arnot photo)

-- CSX Salutes

CSX Clinchfield

(Charles Bogart photo)
CSX has applied commemorative logos to 12 different locomotives, 11 of which can be viewed here
-- Norfolk Southern Salutes

Central of Georgia 8101

(Scott Williams photo)

Central of New Jersey 1071

(Jim Kleeman photo)

Conrail 8098

(E.M. Bell photo)

Delaware Lackawanna & Western 1074

(Sean Hoyden photo)

Erie 1068

(Chris Starnes photo)

Erie Lackawanna 1700 (Casey Thomason photo)

Illinois Terminal 1072

(Matt Holman photo)

Interstate 8105

(Jim Kleeman photo)

Lehigh Valley 8104 w/ Revisions

(Jim Kleeman photo)

Lehigh Valley 8104 (as first painted)

(Steven McKay photo)

Monongahela Rwy 8025

(Jim Kleeman photo)

New York Central 1066

(Keith Latimer photo)

Nickel Plate 8100

(Jonathan Guy photo)

Norfolk & Western 8103

(Jim Kleeman photo)

Norfolk & Portsmouth Belt Line

(Mike Castellow photo)

Norfolk Southern 8114

(Michael Harding photo)

Penn Central 1073

(Jim Kleeman photo)

Pennsylvania 8102

(Michael Harding photo)

Reading 1067

(R. Craig photo)

Savannah & Atlanta 1065

(R. Craig photo)

Southern Railway 8099k

(R. Craig photo)

Southern 3170 donated to museum

Virginian 1069

(Michael Harding photo)

Wabash 1070

(Zach Pumphery photo)

First Responders 9-1-1

(Brock Dishner photo)

Veterans 6920

(Casey Thomason photo)

Go Rail

(Frank Orona photo)

Training First Responders

(Casey Thomason photo)

-- Union Pacific Salutes

Chicago & Northwestern

(Ed Weisensel photo)

Denver & Rio Grande Western

(David Schaaf photo)


(Robert Whitenight photo)

Missouri Pacific

(David Miller photo)

Southern Pacific

(Andrew Robb photo)

Western Pacific

(Andrew Robb photo)

George W. Busch 41st President

(Craig Walker photo)

Boy Scouts of America 100th

(Craig Walker photo)

Breast Cancer Awareness

(Craig Walker photo)

Olympic Torch Relay

(David Stewart photo)

Salt Lake City Olympics

(Craig Walker photo)


(xxx photo)

-- VIA Rail Salutes

VIA Rail 900

(Brian Bui photo)

VIA Rail 903

(Joseph Bishop photo)

VIA Rail 904

(Joseph Bishop photo)

VIA Rail 905

(Brian Bui photo)

VIA Rail 906

(Dannick Fournier photo)

VIA Rail 907

(Rob Smith photo)

VIA Rail 908

(Geoff Elliott photo)

VIA Rail 909

( Brian Bui photo)

VIA Rail 910

(James Gardiner photo)

VIA Rail 911

(Blake Trafford photo)

VIA Rail 912

(Frederic Desrochers photo)

VIA Rail 914

(John C. Allen photo)

VIA Rail 916

(Geoff Elliott photo)

VIA Rail 918

(Frederic Desrochers photo)

VIA Rail 919

(Frederic Desrochers photo)

VIA Rail 920

(Brian Brui photo)

VIA Rail 6402

(Frederic Desrochers photo)

VIA Rail 6416

(Frederic Desrochers photo)

VIA Rail 6436

(Andrew Stott photo)

VIA Rail 6437

(Michael Berry photo)

VIA Rail 6454

(Tim Hayman photo)
VIA has custom painted 17 P42DC locos and five F40PH-2D locos to celebrate Canada's 150th Anniversary.

A special note of thanks goes to Michael Richmond for his efforts in identifying, assembling and gaining permission to use many of the above images. Our thanks also goes to Joseph Bishop who has maintained a list of 150th Anniversary wrapped VIA locomotives (on

All images on this website are used with the photographer's permission.

-- Other Notable Railroad Salutes

Watco's Ann Arbor

(R. Craig photo)

Chesapeake & Ohio Commemorative

(Michael Sullivan photo)

Pan Am's Boston & Maine

(Kevin Burkholder photo)

Pan Am's Maine Central

(Michael Berry)

CM&Q's Bangor & Aroostook

(Kevin Burkholder photo)

FEC Cancer Awareness

(Kevin Burkholder photo)

Indiana Rail Road Veterans Salute (Jim Pearson photo)

Indiana Rail Road 25th Anniversary (Jim Pearson photo)

Rock Island (Erik Rasmussen photo)

Rock Island (Matthew Vickinovac photo)

Lake States 25th Anniversary

(Kevin Burkholder photo)

Maryland Midland Pride

(Jim Johnston photo)

Paducah & Louisville Veterans

(Both photos by Jim Pearson)

AC&Y Commemorative

(Fred Stuckmann photo)

P&WV Commemorative

(Fred Stuckmann photo)

Ohio 200th Anniversary

(Fred Stuckmann photo)


(xxxxxxxxx photo)

Vermont Rwy 50th

(Craig Walker photo)

WSOR - Grow Wisconsin

(Robby Gragg photo)

Wisconsin & Southern 30/35th

(Matt Diestler - 3928 photo & Robby Gragg - 4030 photo)


Custom-painted Tribute Locomotive Roster

Owner Locomotive Model (& Date) Bldr S/N Painting Notes
CM&Q Bangor & Aroostook 9017 SD40-2F (1/88) GMDD A4823 BAR (grey/red/black) colors; loco is ex-CP 9017
Florida East Coast FEC 425 GP40-2 (8/90) EMD 796325-1 "Breast Cancer Awareness" schrme
FEC 436 ES44AC (11/14) EMD 33752 "Breast Cancer Awareness" scheme
Indiana Rail Road INRD 4005 SD40-2 (7/80) EMD 786256-92 "Veteran's Salute
Iowa Interstate Rock Island 513 ES44AC (9/09) GE 59431 Early Rock Island "Rocket" scheme
Rock Island 516 ES44AC (11/14) GE 62988 Rock Island (maroon & yellow) scheme
Maryland Midland MMID 2060 GP38-3 (10/1967) EMD 33349 Stenciled "MMID Pride"; re-#d from 300 to 2060
Norfolk Southern

Heritage Series

Savanah & Atlanta 1065 SD70ACe (5/12) EMD 201165730-001 S&A "Tuxedo" scheme
New York Central 1066 SD70ACe (5/12) EMD 201165730-002 NYC lightening scheme
Reading 1067 SD70ACe (5/12) EMD 201165730-003 Yellow & Green scheme
Erie 1068 SD70ACe (5/12) EMD 201165730-004 Erie scheme
Virginia 1069 SD70ACe (5/12) EMD 201165730-005 Yellow & black scheme
Wabash 1070 SD70ACe (5/12) EMD 201165730-006 Blue & grey scheme
CNJ 1071 SD70ACe (5/12) EMD 201165730-007 Central of New Jersey blue & orange scheme
Illinois Terminal 1072 SD70ACe (5/12) EMD 201165730-008 Illinois Terminal green w/yellow scheme
Penn Central 1073 SD70ACe (5/12) EMD 201165730-009 Penn Central black scheme
DL&W 1074 SD70ACe (5/12) EMD 201165730-010 Delaware Lackawanna & Western scheme
E-L 1700 SD45-2 (11/72) EMD 7381-1 Erie-Lackawanna grey & maroon scheme; loco is ex-Conrail 6654 < nee E-L 3669
N&PBL GP38-2 (2/73) EMD 72627-5 Loco wears Norfolk & Portsmouth Belt Line's traditional red and maroon colors; ex-NS 5260 < Conrail 8044 < nee PC 8044
Monongahela 8025 ES44AC (10/10) GE 58862 Monongahela scheme
Southern 8098 ES44AC (2/12) GE 60752 Southern green & grey scheme
Conrail 8099 ES44AC (2/12) GE 60753 Conrail blue scheme
Nickel Plate 8100 ES44AC (2/12) GE 60754 NKP black w/ yellow scheme
Central of Georgia 8101 ES44AC (2/12) GE 60755 Central of Georgia blue/grey/orange scheme
Pennsylvania 8102 ES44AC (2/12) GE 60756 Pennsylvania tuscan red scheme
Norfolk & Western 8103 ES44AC (2/12) GE 60757 Norfolk & Western blue scheme
Lehigh Valley 8104 ES44AC (2/12) GE 60758 Lehigh Valley maroon scheme
Interstate 8105 ES44AC (2/12) GE 60759 Interstate "popsicle" scheme
NS (original) 8114 ES44AC (3/12) GE 60768 Norfolk Southern orange scheme
PanAm Boston & Maine 77 GP9 (6/57) EMD 23236 "Boston & Maine Heritage livery
MeC 52 GP9 (12/57) EMD 23224 "Maine Central Heritage livery
Union Pacific

Heritage Series

Missouri Pacific 1982 SD70ACe (5/05) EMD 20046610-71 "Missouri Pacific Proud Heritage"livery
Western Pacific 1983 SD70ACe (5/05) EMD 20046610-75 "Western Pacific Proud Heritage"livery
MKKT 1988 SD70ACe (5/05) EMD 20046610-88 "Missouri-Kansas-Texas Proud Heritage"livery
D&RGW 1989 SD70ACe (5/06) EMD 20046610-98 "Denver & Rio Grande Western Proud Heritage"livery
C&NW 1995 SD70ACe (5/06) EMD 20056723-99 "Chicago & North Western Proud Heritage"livery
Southern Pacific 1996 SD70ACe (6/06) EMD 20056723-100 "SP Proud Heritage" livery; loco re-# from 8523
Union Pacific 2001 & 2002 SD70M (8/01) EMD 996168-155 & 156 "Olympic Torch Relay" and "Salt Lake City Olympics" livery
Union Pacific 2010 AC45CCTE (5/09) GE 58712 "Boy Scouts of America 100th"
Union Pacific 4141 SD70ACe (6/06) EMD 20046610-115 "George W. Bush 41 President" livery
Union Pacific 7400 ES44AC (3/09) GE 58643 "Breast Cancer Awareness" livery
Vermont Railway System Vermont 311 GP40-2LW (4/16) GMDD A3437 50th Anniversary scheme
Watco Ann Arbor 3879 GP38 (10/69) EMD 35431 AA Orange scheme W/ large boat logo
Wisconsin & Southern WSOR 3928 GP39-2 (4/76) EMD 756126-15 "35th Anniversary" scheme
WSOR 4030 SD40-2 (6/74) EMD 73661-5 30th Anniversary scheme
WSOR 4053 SD40-2 (8/75) EMD 756126-12 "Grow Wisconsin" scheme

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