Revised: 20 September 2018 George Hamlin photo at Seabrook, Maryland on 26 September 2015

Railroad Salutes to The Past & Present

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-- Canadian Pacific Heritage & Special Recognition

Canadian Pacific 3084

(Richard Marchi photo)

Canadian Pacific 1401

(Tim Stevens photo)

Vancouver Olympics

(Colin Arnot photo)

"Strathcona's Horse"

(Colin Arnot photo)

-- CSX Heritage Logos

CSX Clinchfield

(Charles Bogart photo)
CSX had initially applied commemorative logos to 12 different locomotives, 10 of which can be viewed here. CSX 4364 no longer wears a Clinchfield sticker and 7376 has been sold.
-- Norfolk Southern Heritage & Special Recognition

Central of Georgia 8101

(Scott Williams photo)

Central of New Jersey 1071

(Jim Kleeman photo)

Conrail 8098

(E.M. Bell photo)

Delaware Lackawanna & Western 1074

(Sean Hoyden photo)

Erie 1068

(Chris Starnes photo)

Erie Lackawanna 1700 (Casey Thomason photo)

Illinois Terminal 1072

(Matt Holman photo)

Interstate 8105

(Jim Kleeman photo)

Lehigh Valley 8104 w/ Revisions

(Jim Kleeman photo)

Lehigh Valley 8104 (as first painted)

(Steven McKay photo)

Monongahela Rwy 8025

(Jim Kleeman photo)

New York Central 1066

(Keith Latimer photo)

Nickel Plate 8100

(Jonathan Guy photo)

Norfolk & Western 8103

(Jim Kleeman photo)

Norfolk & Portsmouth Belt Line

(Mike Castellow photo)

Norfolk Southern 8114

(Michael Harding photo)

Penn Central 1073

(Jim Kleeman photo)

Pennsylvania 8102

(Michael Harding photo)

Reading 1067

(R. Craig photo)

Savannah & Atlanta 1065

(R. Craig photo)

Southern Railway 8099k

(R. Craig photo)

Virginian 1069

(Michael Harding photo)

Wabash 1070

(Zach Pumphery photo)

First Responders 9-1-1

(Brock Dishner photo)

Veterans 6920

(Casey Thomason photo)

Go Rail

(Frank Orona photo)

Training First Responders

(Casey Thomason photo)

-- Union Pacific Heritage & Special Recognition

Chicago & Northwestern

(Ed Weisensel photo)

Denver & Rio Grande Western

(David Schaaf photo)


(Robert Whitenight photo)

Missouri Pacific

(David Miller photo)

Southern Pacific

(Andrew Robb photo)

Western Pacific

(Andrew Robb photo)

George W. Busch 41st President

(Craig Walker photo)

Boy Scouts of America 100th

(Craig Walker photo)

Breast Cancer Awareness

(Craig Walker photo)

Olympic Torch Relay

(David Stewart photo)

Salt Lake City Olympics

(Craig Walker photo)

Spirit of the Union Pacific

(J.R. Leal photo)

A special note of thanks goes to Michael Richmond for his efforts in identifying, assembling and gaining permission to use many of the images through-out this section. Our thanks also goes to Joseph Bishop who has maintained a list of 150th Anniversary wrapped VIA locomotives (on

All images on this website are used with permission.

More Heritage Repaints

Akron Canton & Youngstown #107

(Fred Stuckmann photo)

Angelina & Neches River #100

(Cathy Wallace photo)

Ann Arbor #3879

(R. Craig photo)

Bangor & Aroostook #9017

(Kevin Burkholder photo)

Boston & Maine #77

(Kevin Burkholder photo)

Chesapeake & Ohio #5704

(David Rohdenburg photo)

Chesapeake & Ohio #7534

(Michael Sullivan photo)

Illini Terminal #2064

(Rich Jacobson photo)

Maine Central #52

(Michael Berry)

Maryland Midland #2060

(Jim Johnston photo)

Pittsburgh & West Virginia #101

(Fred Stuckmann photo)

Rock Island #513

(Erik Rasmussen photo)

Vermont Rwy #311

(Craig Walker photo)

Railroad Anniversary Locos

Indiana Rail Road 25th Anniversary (Jim Pearson photo)

Lake State 25th Anniversary

(Kevin Burkholder photo)

METRA 40th

(Keith Pokorny photo)

Wisconsin & Southern 35th

(Matt Diestler photo)

Special Recognition

Cancer Awareness

(Kevin Burkholder photo)

Grow Wisconsin

(Jeff Hampton photo)

Honoring Don Orseno

(Brad Kindschy photo)

Honoring Our Troops

(Tyler Guthrie photo)

Thank you 1st Responders

(Pat Sweeney photo)

Veterans Salute (Jim Pearson photo)


(Both photos by Jim Pearson)

Honoring Our Troops

(Tyler Guthrie photo)

We Support Our Troops (Kevin Burkholder photo)

Honoring U.S. Military Veterans

Michael Richmond photo



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