EMD Model 40

Ex-EMD Demonstrator #1134 at Victoria Jct. Sydney, Nova Scotia on 12 Oct. 1986 (David Othen photo / courtesy of Craig Library in Nova Scotia)

The Model 40 was Electro-Motive Division's venture in to the small industrial locomotive market; and it was far from successful, lasting from 1940 until 1943 with only 11 built. The 40-ton EMD was driven by two 6-cylinder Detroit Diesel series 71 engines, which generated a combined 300-horsepower to the railhead . The two-axle, rigid-frame locomotive featured a standard EMD cab placed squarely on the center of the carbody platform with a 26'-1" span between coupler faces. The first and last of the "pint-size" switchers were built for EMD; one as Demonstrator #1134 and the other as shop switcher for EMD's Cleveland Plant. The height of construction came in 1942 when the U.S. Army and Navy purchased seven of the dual-engined center-cabs. Interestingly, even though production was limited; nearly half of the EMD critters found homes in Museums and on a tourist line.

Spotting features:

  • Not likely to be confused with any other builders' model
  • Standard-size EMD switcher cab centered on frame
  • Stub-nose hood at each end
  • First three units built on a thin frame
  • All other 40s built with skirted frame, increasing the overall weight to 44 tons.
  • S/N 2288 only Model 40 to receive stairwell steps -- (probably added by an owner ?)
EMD s/n 1134 (d/b: August 1940)

Original Owner: Electro-Motive Corporation #1134

  • Other owners: Sydney & Louisberg #10 >> McKinnon Indus. #19 (1963) >> Four Star Collieries (10/1969) >> Devco Railway #20 (1991)
  • Status: Museum of Industry at Stellarton, Nova Scotia (exhibit)

Devco #20 (slide unindentified / R. Craig Coll.)

EMD s/n 1308 (d/b: November 1941)

Original Owner: U.S. Rubber Company n#

  • Other Owners: Old Ben Coal #2 -- On-going research has uncovered no additional owners to date
  • Status: Scrapped

Placeholder (temporary ?)

EMD s/n 1309 (d/b: November 1941)

Original Owner: U.S. Rubber Company n#

  • Other owner: Penn-Dixie Cement n# > CHS Farm Co-Operatve
  • Status: Lake Superior Railroad Museum at Duluth, Minnesota (exhibit)

Lake Superior Railroad Museum (Jeff Terry photo)

EMD s/n 1834 (d/b: 17 April 1942)

  • Original Owner: Defense Plant Corp. #1
    • Other Owners: U.S. Army 7403 >> Buffalo Slag 3 >> Cushing Stone 264
    • Status: Stands derelict at Amsterdam, New York

    Cushing Stone (Robert Kaplan photo)

  • EMD s/n 1835 (d/b: 25 April 1942)

    Original Owner: Defense Plant Corp. #2

    • Other Owners: American Steel Foundry #51 >> Borg-Warner >> Calumet Steel #1
    • Status: Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum in North Judson, Indiana (Exhibit)

    Calumet Steel at Chicago Heights, Illinois (John Eagan photo)

    EMD s/n 2284 (d/b: 22 August 1942)

    Original Owner: U.S. Army 7952

    • Other Owners: Acme Newport Steel #1 >> Newport Steel #1 >> PLS #300
    • Status: Restored at PLS

    Newport Steel at Covington, Kentucky (R. Craig photo)

    EMD s/n 2285 (d/b: 29 August 1942)

    Original Owner: U.S. Army 7953

    • Other Owners: Gulf South Warehousing >> American Creosote Works n# >> Coastal Sand & Gravel (1964)
    • Status: Stands derelict

    Allen Stanley Collection (photographer unknown)

    EMD s/n 2286 (d/b: 29 August 1942)

    Original Owner: U.S. Army 7954

    • Other Owners: Sanderson & Porter Construction 7954 >> Harbor Roundhouse Museum >> Walkerville Souuthern (2002)
    • Status: Active, Walkerville Southern excursion trains

    Photo courtesy of Walkerville Southern RR

    EMD s/n 2287 (d/b: 27 September 1942)

    Original Owner: U.S. Navy #65-00204

    • Other Owners: Harley-Davidson "Big Bill" >> AMF Industries #1 >> West Penn Power n#
    • Status: Agriculture & Industrial Museum of York County

    West Penn Power (Mike Walsdorf photo)

    EMD s/n 2288 (d/b: 5 September 1942)

    Original Owner: U.S. Navy #56-00323 (stencil should read #65-00323)

    • Other Owners: Naval Air Station (San Diego) #4 >> Douglas Aircraft n#
    • Status: Traveltown Museum (Exhibited as "Charlie Atkins" #1)

    U.S. Navy (Thomas Hirsch photo)

    EMD s/n 2289 (d/b: April 1943)

    Original Owner: Electro-Motive Division (Cleveland shop switcher)

    • Other Owners: EMD (Chicago Plant switcher)
    • Status: Scrapped

    R. Craig photo

    Technical Data
    • Engine: Detroit Diesel 6-cylinder-71 Series (two)
    • Total Horsepower: 300, with a maximum speed of 30 mph
    • Trucks: Rigid frame, two-axle, with a wheelbase of 13'-0" and 45" wheels
    • Traction Motors: EMD (2), with a total locomotive weight of 82,000 lbs.
    • Air Brake: Westinghouse 14EL
    • Main Generator: EMD D7
    • Total Length: 26'-01", with a Cab Heighth of 13'-2.5"
    * * * Supplemental images * * *

    EMD s/n 1834 -- Buffalo Slag #36 at Amsterdam, New York

    (T.J. Starr photo)

    EMD s/n 1835 -- Borg-Warner n# at Chicago, Heights, Illinois

    (Richard Campbell)

    EMD s/n 1835 -- Hoosier Valley RR Museum at North Judson, Indiana

    (Bill Slone photo)

    EMD s/n 2284 -- Professional Locomotive Services at East Chicago, IN

    (Craig Walker photo)

    EMD s/n 2285 -- Coastal Sand & Gravel at Lacombe, Louisiana

    (Michael M. Palmieri photo)

    EMD s/n 2286 (placeholder)


    EMD s/n 2287 -- Harley Davidson at York (PA) Heritage Center

    (hardhatMAX photo)

    EMD s/n 2288 -- U.S. Navy #4 at Naval Air Station, San Diego, California

    (Photographer unknown)

    EMD s/n 2288 -- McDonnell-Douglas Aircraft at Torrance, California

    (Tom Hirsch photo)

    EMD s/n 2288 -- "Charlie Atkins" at at Travel Town in California

    (Charles Freericks photo)

    Reference Sources:
    • "Critters, Dinkeys and Centercabs" by Jay Reed
    • "Early Diesel and Electric Locomotives," Rail Heritage Publications
    • Extra 2200 South Newsletter (issues 45 & 53)

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