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Savage #8638 (photo by Chris Auman; courtesy of Savage Sevices)

Traditionally, the month of May has been a special time for North Americans. Beyond being the unofficial start of the Summer season, it's typically a time when throughout the U.S. people pause on Memorial Day to pay tribute to the military men and women who died while serving their country. And in neighboring Canada, the country honors Queen Victoria ("Mother of Confederation") during a three-day weekend. In that context, The Diesel Shop website, throughout May, will highlight those individual railroads (large and small) that have spent time, money and resources to salute the U.S and Canadian militarys.

Savage SD40-3 #8638 (Chris Auman photographer) image above is a recent example of how many railroads are paying tribute to the military and veterans. If you would like additional info, a photographic roster of the more than twenty military salute-painted locomotives can be viewed here.

Somewhat related to the above are the recent reformatting and expansion of both the U.S. Army and Navy locomotive rosters, with a combined 200 new entries.

Stay safe when trackside!

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