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Jenks Diesel Shop on 31 August 1980.

(Chuck Frey photo)

Without going in to a lot of detail, TDS was down during the month of June. Fortunately, this excellent Chuck Frey photo will help us regain momentum. An evening visit in August 1980 to the Missouri Pacific's North Little Rock facilities produced this view of resting first and second-generation power.

Please note that Michael Richmond has been working behind the scenes to collect data and gather photos for "Remember When" and "Critter Notebook" sections for many, many months. One of those projects is the brief overview of EMD's fan-popular SDP series presented this month. To keep content moving, it will be exhibited in two parts.

Lastly, it will take a period of time to incorporate the many roster additions and corrections that have been received; however you should see some results in the coming weeks.

Thanks for stopping.

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