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TTI Shop (Mark Mautner photo)

Transkentucky Transportation Inc. was created in 1979 and became a railfan favorite in a short period of time. The 50-mile short-line drew attention from far and wide; the popularity probably came from a number of factors. Perhaps it was the railroad's unique Alco RS3s (driven by EMD 1200-hp 567 engines), a vintage Baldwin-built switcher handling yard chores, an all-GE roster of colorful U-boats, or a highly photogenic blue grass main-line. At any rate, it is this month's featured subject, and Mark Mautner's intriguing night-time image of the diesel shop is the starting point.

Your help is solicited in developing further an ownership tracking list of General Electric 45/50-ton center-cabs. The document was started four-years ago, but it is still a long way from being a comprehensive. The work-in-progress document can be viewed here.

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