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Milwaukee Road diesel house at Bensenville (Chicago) on 5 May 1979.

The series of actual railroad diesel shop photos, which was begun last month, continues through-out 2020. Bill Johnson's excellent photo above keeps things rolling and is the setting for February. In the meantime, the hunt for future front cover photos gains momentum.

One of the key objectives for this year is finishing the "Critter Notebook" series which began last summer; this month "Brand X" 60/65-tonners are featured. The on-going development of short photo essays for the "Remember When" series is also continuing. The focus this month is on EMD's SDP40F / SDF40-2 These two quasi-monthly features are an attempt at providing information that expands the knowledge base, offers a historical perspective and hopefully broadens the railfan experience. By the way, the "Yesterday's Hotspots" photo profiles produced during 2019 will remain in-place for some undetermined period.

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