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Rock Island GP40 #347 at Rock Island's Silvis (Ill.) shop.

(Robert J. Jordan photo)

Beginning this month, the website has undergo a few structural changes aim at making it easier to navigate when searching for data on different locomotive builders and models. That information has been relocated to a series of "Builder Notebooks." The Fairbanks-Morse and Alco notebooks are the first to be completed, with the Baldwin notebook following close behind. Production rosters, technical data, photo essays / profiles, and survivors list, along with some historical documents (brochures, advertisements, and an occasional specification page) are now located in these builder-specific notebooks.

The collection of Class 1, Regional, Short-Line, and Fallen Flag rosters remain unchanged, as well as most of the specialty sections, which includes Museums, Tourist Lines, Beyond North American Shores, Remember When and Yesterday's Hot Spots.

Speaking of "Remember When," this month's photo essay centers on EMD E-units and their use in freight service, after the six-axle EMD products became surplus due to many railroads exiting the passenger train business.

Lastly, we are grateful to Robert Jordan for allowing us to share his excellent Rock Island image -- a clear reminder of how sorely the one-time prairie railroad is missed.

Thanks for stopping.

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