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Streamliners gathered at Goulburn, Australia on 1 October 2016

Fondness for modern streamlined-cab locomotives is far from a North American phenomena as evidenced by the thousands of railroad enthusiasts that attended the "Streamliners in Australia 2016" event. Thanks to the photography of Australian Philip Melling, as well as John Benson we are able to briefly re-visit the colorful, three-day celebration. There is some exciting lens-art in the work of these two photographers, so please enjoy as we return to "Streamliners 2016." .

Looking for information on U.S. Military/Government Locomotives? All data related to U.S Air Force, Army, Marine, and Navy can now be found in a separate notebook located temporarily in the "Extra Board" section. Data on motive power owned by the Energy, TVA and Transportation Departments will also soon be located in the new Notebook.

Next month, the Diesel Shop spotlight will shine on Electric Freight Motors, and that's no April Fool's joke.

Stay safe!

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