Critter Notebook

Quite possibly, the single biggest challenge facing a railfan photographer is the correct identification of one manufacturer's "critter" locomotive model from that of another builder. The task is increasingly more difficult given the large number of small locomotive builders and the strong resemblance among models, regardless of producer.

The purpose of this photo essay is to better delineate the "spotting" features of different critters, thus making the challenge less daunting and more enjoyable.

The Common Builders of "Critters" This section is still being built.

General Electric Company

Ray Sabo photo

Plymouth Locomotive Works

Ray Sabo photo

H.K. Porter Company

Harry Juday photo

Whitcomb Locomotive Works

R. Craig photo

Other Critter Builders

Atlas Manufacturing Company

George Turnbull photo

Davenport Locomotive Co.

Ray Sabo photo

Vulcan Manufacturing Company

George Turnbull photo

Miscellaneous Builders

George Turnbull photo

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